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The site launched in 2016 as a place for all dog lovers to post merchant reviews in one spot, so other dog lovers can find them at the top of search results.

A lot of websites are pro-rescue or pro-breeding, while many consumers are fans of both ways to get a dog. Having all the merchant reviews on one website makes sense for consumers, even if special interests disagree. (We’re not here for them; we’re here for consumers.)

We don’t take money from breeders, rescuers, pet stores, shelters or anybody else who offers dogs for sale or adoption. welcomes advertising revenue from companies that make dog products—things like treats, toys and beds—but we won’t take money from merchants who want to game our ratings and review system. It’s forbidden.

Yes, the site is related to the 2016 book The Dog Merchants. The author created after researching the book and realizing that consumers needed an online place to share merchant reviews.

We’re doing our best to let consumers share real, honest reviews. We let merchants flag reviews that appear to be written by activists or competitors with an axe to grind. That way, consumers can see for themselves what was written and what responses were given.


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