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  • Shake a Paw

    aka Jeff Morton, Jeffrey Morton. Pet store that is part of a chain with multiple locations. This listing is for the Union, New Jersey, pet store. Another location is in Green Brook, New Jersey. Affiliated with the American Canine Association. See this January 2016 article regarding Shake a Paw and potential violations of the New Jersey Pet Protection Act.

    Breed(s): - Mixed-Breed Dog,Beagle,Bichon Frisé,Cairn Terrier,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Chihuahua,Cocker Spaniel,Coton de Tulear,German Shepherd,Golden Retriever,Havanese,Lhasa Apso,Maltese,Miniature Schnauzer,Pomeranian,Pug,Rat Terrier,Shih Tzu,Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier,Standard Poodle,West Highland White Terrier (Westie),Yorkshire Terrier

  • Wag N Train Terrier Rescue

    Registered 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue group operating in Omaha, Nebraska. Focused on Terrier dogs.

    Breed(s): Airedale Terrier,Border Terrier,Boston Terrier,Cairn Terrier,Cesky Terrier,Dandie Dinmont Terrier,Lakeland Terrier,Norfolk Terrier,Norwich Terrier,Parson Russell Terrier,Rat Terrier,Scottish Terrier,West Highland White Terrier (Westie),Yorkshire Terrier

  • Simonton Farms

    aka McCarty's Cairn Terriers, McCarty's Rats, McCarty's Rat Terriers, McCarty's Pembroke Corgis, McCarty's Australian Shepherds and Corgis, McCarty's Aussies, Susan McCarty, Sid McCarty. Breeder of Cairn Terriers, Rat Terriers, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Australian Shepherds.

    Breed(s): Australian Shepherd,Cairn Terrier,Pembroke Welsh Corgi,Rat Terrier

  • Hall’s Kennel

    aka Halls Kennel, Emily M. Hall, Emily Hall. Breeder of Rat Terriers, German Shorthair Pointers, Pomeranians and Miniature Australian Shepherds.

    Breed(s): Australian Shepherd,German Shorthaired Pointer,Pomeranian,Rat Terrier

  • Run N Ridge

    aka Running Ridge, Nancy Anderson. Breeder of Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Yorkshire Terriers, Rat Terriers, Harlequin Pinschers and Miniature Pinschers.

    Breed(s): Biewer Yorkshire Terrier,Harlequin Pinscher,Miniature Pinscher,Rat Terrier,Yorkshire Terrier

  • Spitfire Deckers

    aka Stephen du Buis, Steve du Buis. Breeder of Decker Hunting Terriers and Rat Terriers. Affiliated with the American Kennel Club, National Rat Terrier Association and Decker Hunting Terrier Registry.

    Breed(s): Decker Hunting Terriers,Rat Terrier

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