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  • Heather Healey

    Breeder of Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested dogs and Spaniels. Affiliated with the Euroa Kennel Club. Formerly affiliated with the Chihuahua Club of Victoria. See this June 2016 article about Heather Healey having dogs seized and surrendered as well as this June 2016 article about the same raid.

    Breed(s): Chihuahua,Chinese Crested

  • Wayne Puppies

    Pet store with locations in Fair Lawn and Wayne, New Jersey. Sells multiple breeds of puppies. See this January 2016 article about Wayne Puppies receiving 27 violations of the New Jersey Pet Purchase Protection Act.

    Breed(s): - Mixed-Breed Dog,Beagle,Boxer,Bulldog,Bullmastiff,Chihuahua,Chinese Crested,French Bulldog,German Shepherd,Golden Retriever,Goldendoodle,Havanese,Labradoodle,Labrador Retriever,Lhasa Apso,Maltese,Miniature Schnauzer,Morkie,Papillon,Pekingese,Pomeranian,Pug,Rottweiler,Scottish Terrier,Shih Tzu,Siberian Husky,Toy Poodle,West Highland White Terrier (Westie),Wheaten Terrier,Yorkipoo,Yorkshire Terrier

  • Wild Child Neapolitan Mastiffs

    aka Natalia K. Means, Natalia Means, Wild Child Kennels. Breeder of Neapolitan Mastiffs and Chinese Crested dogs since 2001. American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit. Affiliated with Federation Cynologique Internationale.

    Breed(s): Chinese Crested,Neapolitan Mastiff

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  • Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions

    aka Burt Ward, Tracy Ward. Rescue organization focused on giant breeds since 2005. Registered 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. Run by the man who played Robin on television's "Batman" series.

    Breed(s): - Mixed-Breed Dog,American Eskimo Dog (Standard),Bernese Mountain Dog,Bloodhound,Boerboel,Borzoi,Bulldog,Bullmastiff,Chinese Crested,Dogue de Bordeaux,English Mastiff,Great Dane,Great Pyrenees,Greyhound,Ibizan Hound,Irish Wolfhound,Italian Greyhound,Labradoodle,Leonberger,Mastiff,Neapolitan Mastiff,Newfoundland,Saluki,Scottish Deerhound,Shetland Sheepdog,St. Bernard,Standard Poodle,Tibetan Mastiff,Whippet,Xoloitzcuintle

  • Coastal Kennel

    aka Mo's Kennel, Manon A. Donlevy, Manon Donlevy. Breeder of Standard Poodles, Shiba Inu and Chinese Crested dogs. Affiliated with the American Kennel Club.

    Breed(s): Chinese Crested,Shiba Inu,Standard Poodle