The Dog Merchants Book Reviews

“Fascinating… We are dipping into a world largely veiled to the consumer… If it shines some light on the shadowy, largely unregulated dog industry, I’d say that’s worth five stars.”
The Washington Post, The Washington Post
“Yes, this book is a controversy that walks on four feet. No group is safe from exposure. That’s the beauty.”
Port Chester Obedience Training Club in Westchester County, New York, Port Chester Obedience Training Club in Westchester County, New York
“Unforgettable and dirt-digging … I highly recommend this book to all dog lovers to get involved in helping save ‘man’s best friend’ from exploitation and especially for those who are considering purchasing or adopting a puppy or adult dog.”
“A deeply researched, entertainingly written, incredibly thorough journey into the murky, confusing, and poorly policed world of breeders, buyers, and sellers of dogs. Read it before you pick out your next puppy.”
“The Dog Merchants is a riveting, informative, and important look at how man’s best friend became man’s hottest commodity, and the ethical quandary that presents for us all. Kavin brilliantly explores both sides of every issue in a surprisingly even-handed manner, while steadfastly remaining a passionate advocate for the dogs caught in the middle.”
“A scathing indictment of an industry run amok; belongs on every pet lover’s bookshelf.”
Kirkus Reviews, Kirkus Reviews
“Don’t buy a dog until you read this book!”
Feathered Quill, Feathered Quill
“That she manages to accomplish so much without tugging too hard on readers’ emotions is only one of the surprises in this megaton bomb that reveals the facts about how large and starkly clinical the business of dog breeding has become.”
Booklist, Booklist
“A fascinating journey that begins with her attending a dog auction in Wheaton, Missouri … Essential reading for all dog lovers, this balanced work will become the standard on this topic.”
Library Journal, Library Journal
“Those who are breeding and raising dogs responsibly will find validation in their endeavors—and consumers seeking to buy or adopt dogs will benefit from the information Kavin has gathered as they make their decisions.”
Publishers Weekly, Publishers Weekly
“I believe this book should be required reading for anyone who owns or plans to own a dog. The book is meticulously researched and enjoyable. … I learned so much about the market forces and the rescue movements that impact how we acquire the dogs that become important members of our families. … The author clearly is ‘for the dogs,’ and her goal is to inform, advocate and empower.”
“That Kim Kavin sees questions where the rest of the world sees everyday life is what makes her a great reporter. That she gets answers—disturbing, unexpected, yet ultimately hopeful—is what makes The Dog Merchants such a necessary and compelling read.”
“If you are a dog owner, a dog lover, a dog anything, this is a book you ought to read. Dogs are examined from every possible political, legal, economical and emotional angle. I learned a lot, reading this, and I know it will stay with me for a good long time.
“We must be their ally, their voice. It’s our duty to eliminate suffering. The Dog Merchants shows you that the way to start is to be a conscious consumer.”
“A very important and interesting book if you love all dogs as much as I do.”
“Should be required reading for anyone interested in owning a dog—whether that be via adoption or purchase from a breeder.”
Parade, Parade
“Someone said this was The Omnivore’s Dilemma for dogs, and I couldn’t agree more.”
“It’s well overdue that uncomfortable truths are articulated as persuasively as they are in this timely book.”
“Kavin’s bottom line is this: Dog lovers don’t need to be involved in dog rescue to make a difference in dogs’ lives. (Though, of course, if you have time to volunteer, shelters and rescues are always looking for the extra help.) What dog lovers need to be is smart shoppers, because only through the collective power of our purchases can we begin to demand the kind of treatment all dogs deserve.”
“If you think you have a good understanding of the business of breeding, selling, and rescuing dogs, you might be surprised at what you don’t know when you read a new book called The Dog Merchants.”
AnimalHearted, AnimalHearted
“Kavin’s journalistic approach to the subject offers a balanced analysis of a impassioned subject, and her hands-on approach to research enhances her credibility. The insights into the commercial side of pet adoption are eye-opening, and even the most devoted dog advocates will likely find food for thought in these pages. The Dog Merchants is perfect for anyone considering adding a furry friend to their family.”
Jen Forbus, Shelf Awareness, Shelf Awareness