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6 08, 2016

Hydra: New Jersey’s Just Pups and the ‘Puppy Mill Monster’

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Well-intentioned officials in my home state of New Jersey are combining forces to exile Vincent LoSacco and his Just Pups stores, where, among other things, 67 puppies and dogs were left outside in a 38-degree van earlier this year. First came hundreds of animal cruelty charges, followed by the closing of Just Pups [...]

5 08, 2016

Business Insider Reviews ‘The Dog Merchants’ Book

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A great new review of "The Dog Merchants" book was just posted on Business Insider. Here's my favorite part: "No one's speaking against adopting a shelter dog, but one quote in Kavin's book provides a new perspective on breeder dogs versus shelter mutts: 'Why is it,' Mike Arms, of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California, [...]