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23 02, 2016

Quiz: Just How Big is the dog Business?

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These 10 questions will test your dollars-and-cents knowledge of just how much cash stands to be made when dogs are bred, rescued and sold.

22 02, 2016

Most Popular Dog in America? Not the Labrador. It’s Actually the Good Old American Mutt

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The American Kennel Club released its list today of the most-registered purebred dogs in America, and predictably, the mainstream media is once again getting the story wrong. Articles have already started popping up from serious news sources like the Miami Herald, whose headline reads---inaccurately---"Labrador Retrievers Still the Most Popular Dog in the U.S." AKC marketers have [...]

20 02, 2016

Another 5-Star Reader Review for The Dog Merchants Book

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As advance galleys for The Dog Merchants book continue to go out, we are starting to see reader reviews pop up across the Internet. The newest was just posted on Goodreads, by a reader named Minna who gave the book 5 stars. Here's what she says: "This is a book that will make you think, [...]

17 02, 2016

Barnes and Noble Gift Card Giveaway!

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Exciting news! Pegasus Books, publisher of The Dog Merchants, has organized a fantastic giveaway for readers. If you pre-order The Dog Merchants before April 30, 2016, you can win a Barnes and Noble gift card. Two gift cards will be awarded, one for $100 and one for $50. The official announcement is below. You can pre-order The Dog Merchants through [...]

15 02, 2016

The True Cash at Stake at the Westminster Dog Show

By |February 15th, 2016|The Dog Merchants book|0 Comments just uploaded my article "The Big Money Behind Best in Show." It is the first adapted article to be published from The Dog Merchants, giving readers their first sneak peek into the book. The Dog Merchants is a follow-the-money look at the whole of the dog business, breeding and rescuing alike. This piece for was written [...]

11 02, 2016

The Origin of the Westminster Dog Show Drinking Game

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Why yes, I did just invent a drinking game. Dogster published my piece about the "Westminster Dog Show Drinking Game" today. The idea for this piece originated during my reporting for The Dog Merchants, which included spending a day at America's biggest legal dog auction. I watched as more than 300 dogs—Beagles, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Yorkshire [...]

9 02, 2016

Video: The American Family

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Since candidates for U.S. president are the only people on the television news 24 hours a day, we'd at least like to see them answer a few of these questions:

6 02, 2016

Thanks for the Hate Mail! We Actually Agree More Than You Think

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Today, via Facebook, I received my first official hate message about The Dog Merchants. It came from a purebred enthusiast who hasn't even read the book, and who posted a vicious knee-jerk comment after assuming the book is something that it's not. Here's a snippet: "There's scum everywhere and I'll bet you gravitated toward them to tell [...]

4 02, 2016

Great Review of The Dog Merchants in Library Journal

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I'm thrilled to share the news that the February 15 issue of Library Journal will include the following review of The Dog Merchants: The common theme among breeders of registered American Kennel Club champion dogs, large-scale commercial "puppy farms," backyard hobby breeders, dog rescue groups, shelters, dog auctions, and pet stores? Money. Kavin, a journalist [...]

2 02, 2016

Dog Facts: True or False?

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In The Dog Merchants, I write about the history of the dog business to show how we got to where we are today in terms of breeding and rescue. Think you know the real story? Take this quiz to find out!